We can deliver the next day if the order is placed on our website by 4pm.

Our delivery days are Tuesday to Saturday.

We offer free flowers delivery in London only.

One of the main tasks of our services: the timeliness of delivery of the ordered flowers. Date and time of our delivery service can depend on the time of the orders placement, the weather conditions and the remoteness of the destination can also differ on the date and time of the delivery. Our Delivery rules explain how and what we do to fulfill your order and what you can help us with to deliver your order in time.

In the absence of the recipient at the time of the delivery, the courier will wait for 15 minutes. The order is delivered to the recipient personally or can be left with the neighbors. In the case of re-delivery it may require additional payment (either the cost of service delivery or to the value of goods ordered with delivery services).
If the recipient is at work all day, we recommend ordering the flowers to the place of work.

Please note: incomplete or incorrect address or phone number could significantly delay the execution of your order.
If the recipient resides in a hotel, we can only guarantee the delivery to the reception, as the courier may get denied access to the room. Therefore, for the successful delivery of customer order, please indicate the number of the room in which you reside and your cell phone number to inform that the delivery has been successful.

Buying one of a kind bouquets out of fresh flowers is the best way to creatively present a gift. At the Sonnets of flowers we’ve been creating exclusive bouquets using the best natural flowers. You can make a special gift – add an unusual bouquet! The original! It will beautify your gift from the pile of others. The ladies are always very glad to receive the beautiful flowers, especially if they are unusual.

We are happy to deliver your order throughout London and do not even ask to pay for the delivery!