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Flora is an art!

Floristry is the art of making colourful compositions (arrangements, bouquets, collages, pictures) from a variety of plants (flowers, leaves, berries, nuts, grasses) and plant material (floral accessories, vessels).

We believe that the floristry gives us a rare (in our century) opportunity to get in touch with nature, at home or in the office. We are creating a perfect finishing touch to the work of nature, but it requires patience, self-sacrificing labour, and only positive thoughts and emotions.

Floristry is also a surprisingly delicate art, philosophy, vivid colours that will help us discover the secret of harmonious development of man.

We are always happy to assist our great customers. Our florists are free to create beautiful hand-tied bouquets and design arrangements with our customer’s expectations in mind. We take pride in making unique assortments of flowers and the artistry that goes into designing exclusive bouquets.